Moza Naturals Organic Diaper Rash Cream


• New and original diaper rash treatment with 100% plant ingredients, fair trade, non GMO and organic traditional plants is brought to you by our family to yours.

• Created by skin wound healing and tissue regeneration scientists, pediatricians and nurses, gently act rapid and effectively on your infant sensitive and fragile skin to relieve redness and irritation. Keeps skin moisture and hydration.

• Gently treatment with zero chemicals: free of zinc oxide, mineral oils, petroleum jelly, parabens, colorants, preservatives, and harsh chemicals. Needless of animal testing.

• Astonishingly relieves baby skin and you faster and effectively when applied to infant affected areas and surroundings.

• This powerful cosmetic product which is not a not a medicine. If unsatisfied you will be fully refunded hassle free within 60 days. Results are visible within hours. Baby skin is fully relieved within days.

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