About Our Company

Moz Nutraceuticals  was established with the main idea of combating physiological issues with the power inherent to plants, their extracts, and by-products. Founded by biologists, physicians and health care professionals with many years of experience, Moz Nutraceuticals was created to solve everyday issues experienced by everyday parents of newborns and infants. Moza Naturals™ nutraceuticals are formulated for better health and comfort with you in mind. Up-to-date science and medical knowledge guide us in creating powerful, novel, and innovative products inspired by traditional usage of plant-food medicines. We utilize only organic, non-GMO, plant-based ingredients.

Our all natural plant products combat acne, eczema and all other skin related issues. Here at Moz Nutraceuticals, the satisfaction of our customers are our main priority, and we work very hard to tailor our services to meet their needs. We utilize industry best standards in the development and production of our products, and continue to innovate on plant based solutions to solve issues faced by everyday people. Moz Nutraceuticals is excited to work with our clients and provide safe and natural products to improve the quality of their lives. Join us to experience the natural healing that comes from plants!

Our Mission

Moza Naturals™ nutraceuticals aims to provide plant based products to remedy ailments. The health and quality of life of our customers are at the heart of our existence. Led by up to date scientific practice, our goal is to provide our customers with excellent prescription-free products that are based on 100% plant-food medicines (nutraceuticals). We continue to innovate safe and natural products to meet the needs of our customers.

Our Vision

Your health and quality of life are at the heart of our existence. Led by science, our goal is to provide our customers with excellent prescription-free products that are based on 100% plant-food medicines (nutraceuticals).

Our Story

Like many families with babies, we also struggled with diaper rash, dry skin, and breast milk production. We tried many solutions that offered relief, but had varying or poor results. Our frustration with many products galvanized us to research plant based natural solutions for our babies. Realizing that the market offered very few plant-based products, we decided to create our solutions for our own babies. We are a family of biomedical scientists, pediatricians, and nurses. To treat these health issues, we utilized natural medicinal plants passed on from ancient African teachings combined with modern scientific and medicinal knowledge to arrive at our solutions. The results were exciting! Our babies experienced prompt relief from diaper rash and eczema. Nursing mothers were able to produce more breast milk for their babies. Best of all, our products are natural plat based and 100% safe! 

We established Moz Nutraceuticals LLC to share this ancient therapeutic method with other people. Our company was built to blend modern science and medicine, in the usage of plant foods from traditional medicine. Try us and you will love the products we made for you!

Why Choose Us

All our products are based on tried and tested scientific knowledge.